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DevTalent & Borderless

Current and incoming customers of DevTalent will be able to pay their international employees and contractors directly through DevTalent.

May 2, 2023  -- DevTalent and Borderless have announced a unique partnership that combines two complementary services: Remote Engineering Recruiting and Global Payroll. The combination  transforms how businesses recruit and pay their international talent.. The partnership will allow startups, SMBs, and Enterprises to use DevTalent not only finding engineering talent, but  also seamlessly and compliantly pay their international workforce.

Paying your international workforce can be full of uncertainty for many companies who would rather focus on building their business than on the stresses of compliance, setting up benefits, creating new bank accounts, and sending money internationally. Now, when a business uses DevTalent to recruit and land a new engineer, they can then on-board and pay them directly on the DevTalent website. The Borderless legal and payments technology is available on DevTalent, and customers will be able to use the service as a standalone offering or package it with other DevTalent services. Additionally, DevTalent customers will be able to work with a dedicated Borderless Customer Success Manager who will serve as a helpful guide in understanding these options. 

“Building global payroll from scratch takes years and many millions of dollars. With Borderless Embedded, you can customize Borderless’ payroll product to begin growing your business and revenue—your way” said Borderless CEO Willson Cross. “DevTalent knows their customers' needs better than anyone. With Borderless, they can now tailor an end-to-end experience that will add value and delight for their users.”


"We are excited to partner with Borderless to offer our clients a more efficient and seamless experience of hiring internationally.  With so many of our clients thinking globally when it comes to building their engineering teams, Borderless’ scale, speed and technology is truly unique in the Employer of Record space.”

Borderless and DevTalent are working together to launch this new product experience with the goal of serving shared customers across the world in the coming months and years.


About Borderless

Borderless is reinventing global payroll, employer of record services, and contractor payments. We enable companies to quickly and compliantly on-board their global talent in 187 countries without the hassle of setting up local bank accounts or legal entities.

Our platform includes real-time payments, payroll, benefits, tax, and compliance – customized to the country of your choice.

About DevTalent

‍At DevTalent, we scale high performing software development teams with an engineering centric approach to recruiting, developing and retaining talent.


Get started with Borderless

Whether you’re starting your Borderless journey or want to optimize your existing implementation, DevTalent has the expertise to help you get there.

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