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We are Software Engineering


DevTalent is a software developer recruitment agency in Toronto that helps you source, recruit and hire Canadian tech talent. 


We work with venture-backed startups and enterprise organizations across North America to scale dev teams smarter and more efficiently. Software engineers by trade, we have decades of experience sourcing, vetting and recruiting software developers to build high-performance teams.

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse team who recruits with integrity and precision.

Our mission is to have a lasting impact on the lives of our candidates, clients and each other.



DevTalent was started with the goal of helping organizations scale their development teams better. Having worked with many firms in our careers, we realized there was an opportunity to improve the software engineering recruitment process. 

We’ve experienced all facets of technical recruitment: as company advocates, engaging developers and getting them excited about opportunities; as engineering managers, assessing skills and technical knowledge;  and as leaders tasked with scaling teams quickly. Because of this we bring a unique perspective to recruiting that allows us to help organizations find high-quality people, vet technical talent, and build better software engineering teams.​

Managing Partner

Chris has been an engineering leader and mentor for over 15 years at enterprise and startup companies like TD, Cover, League and 500px.  His first hand experience vetting hundreds of software developers allows him to bring a unique perspective to building, developing and retaining talent. As DevTalent’s CTO, he brings the technical rigour that enables clients to source, engage, and hire top tech talent.

At DevTalent, we scale high performing software development teams with an engineering centric approach to recruiting, developing and retaining teams.

People First

For developers, our mission is to that help accelerate your career growth. We invest the time to understand your project portfolio, technical expertise and areas for growth to ensure that your work is engaging and challenging.  We are building a community of the brightest minds in tech, and would love for you to join us!

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“They are always on top of everything and along with regular feedback with candidates, they are amazing mentors who can help answer any questions you may have regarding the role, interview, process, etc. Their experience helped me connect with my new company. It was one of the most memorable and smooth interviewing processes, from start to finish.”

Apurva N., Software Engineer

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Engineering Mindset

For employers, scaling an engineering organization is no easy task. Sustainable and predictable output involves quality people, rigorous process and best-in-class tools. We solve complex organizational, engineering and resourcing challenges with a proven approach that delivers immediate and long term results.


Employers - Scale your engineering teams with us

​“I’ve never seen the quality of candidates that they deliver from other agencies...The type of candidate that they’re able to source is quite different from their competitors, and that’s the primary reason why we continue to use them.”

VP Strategic Initiatives, Mortgage Lending Company

Partner with software engineer & tech sales recruiters that actually understand your needs. Get in touch today and scale smarter with DevTalent. 

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