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January 25, 2020

Weekly Round Up - January 19-25 2020

Welcome to the Weekly Round Up, where we summarize all of the interesting news and trends from the world of technology employment and recruitment.

Toronto's Thriving Tech Scene 

Toronto's employment survey 2019, was released this week, and technology employment grew 16.6% from 2018, bringing the total number of people working in the tech sector to 60,408.  That's a great trend for the city's tech talent, businesses and technical recruiters.  

We anticipate continued growth in 2020, with companies hungry for quality developers, architects, and data scientists.

Toronto’s Tech Sector Continues to Drive the City’s Growth



Thumbs down to Facebook, Google & Amazon?

Inc. published an interesting article reporting that the appeal of working for the big tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon is starting to wane amongst elite talent.  Moral and ethical concerns are making these once sexy names, not as desirable anymore.

Reports: Many of America's Best and Brightest Don't Want to Work at Big Tech Companies Anymore


Apple Non-Compete Lawsuit

Apple has filed a lawsuit against one of its former employees for starting a competing business and poaching talent.  This will be an intriguing story to follow, as historically, employees almost always win these types of cases over their former employers. 

Apple lawsuit tests if an employee can plan rival startup while on payroll

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