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TYP-001 Software Engineer, Backend & APIs

Remote (Canada-Wide)

The engineering organization at Our Client is a technology forward, mobile first, high velocity, low ceremony team of passionate software engineering professionals who are committed to the highest standards of excellence.  Everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone makes a strong hands-on contribution to the creation of a world-class personal financial services platform.  Daily collaboration, thorough testing, continuous refactoring and continuous delivery are foundational to our core values.


Software Engineer Job Responsibilities:
continuous collaboration with other engineers (no one swims alone)
◦ designs
◦ code
◦ documentation
◦ engineering road map
◦ Merge Requests


write TypeScript code that is:
◦ efficient
◦ resilient to failure
◦ has excellent error handling
◦ has over 90% unit test coverage


write TypeScript code that “reads like a book” and borders on poetry
continuous refactoring of existing code
continuous delivery of world-class software
design solutions with high “design stamina” (Fowler)
follow our low ceremony “software manufacturing" process, including tools
stay up-to-date on new/emerging technologies, tools and techniques
◦ trade journals
◦ blogs
◦ vendors (Google, Amazon, etc)

insist on the highest standards of engineering and process excellence every day
make and meet achievable commitments
invent and simplify
think big


Work Hours
We work hard, but there are no “death marches”. Except for critical “all hands on deck” operational issues or
DevOps on-call scheduling, you will not be expected to work nights or weekends as a normal occurrence. Quality is your
friend if you don’t want to work nights or weekends.
Work-life balance is a core value of the engineering team. We want everyone to enjoy a rich life experience that includes
family, friends, hobbies and just plain relaxing.
That being said, we work intensely and collaboratively 9-10 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Our team will always be in
startup mode, no matter how many years we work together.
We are also flexible when life gets “real” and requires your focus on something other than your profession. Doctors
appointments, special events with the kids, family commitments and etc. No problem.


Minimum Qualifications:
Computer Science degree, or hard science / math degree
minimum of 2 years work experience in the technologies listed below
outstanding verbal communications skills (English)
outstanding team collaboration skills
deployed commercial app(s) with the technologies listed below
Experience designing and building scalable distributed systems in AWS
DevOps experience
Experience working in a Scrum or Kanban environment


Hands-on Technical Skills:
TypeScript (strict mode)
Reactive programming (RX)
building resilient REST APIs
Experience designing and building scalable distributed systems in AWS

Devops skills
◦ CI/CD pipelines
◦ Kubernetes deployments
◦ Terraform IaC (Infrastructure as Code)

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