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Staff Software Engineer


Our is the fastest-growing Proptech company in the history of commercial real estate (CRE) who are transforming a $15 trillion dollar industry with their award-winning platform which is used to manage over 60% of all office buildings.


Headquarters are in NYC, with hubs in other major US cities, Toronto, CA, and London, UK.




  • Identify, scope and lead large technical projects with high impact across many teams and key stakeholders
  • Play a critical role in planning, working closely with senior leaders to develop plans, resource requirements, and influence our long-term technical and business strategy

  • Lead the way by staying up to date with tools, trends, technologies and best practices, and then sharing that knowledge in a meaningful way to advance the overall state of technology for the entire organization

  • Lead by example and produce high-quality code that establishes coding standards and best practices for the team

  • Create technical requirements, software design specifications and other forms of architectural documentation

  • Support and mentor our senior engineers by being the go-to-person for questions but never be a bottleneck, see around the corner and anticipate engineers' needs, broadly distribute knowledge,  and generally evangelize the platform

  • Scrutinize and reason clearly about the technology and architecture choices we make in building products/services. Ensure technical decision making aligns with our broad strategic initiatives.

  • Effectively communicate technical and business risks to stakeholders to ensure that the most informed decisions are being made




  • Solid CS fundamentals with experience across a range of disciplines, with more than one area of deep knowledge and experience
  • 8+ years of software engineering experience, with a proven track record of leading large-scale, high availability and fault-tolerant SaaS or consumer applications

  • Served as the technical lead for large complex projects that span multiple teams and functions.

  • Responsible for the technical roadmap for large business areas.

  • Ability to internalize the best ideas from all over the organization, while also setting a vision that others are excited to get behind.

  • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have a good intuition for what will last and scale.

  • Strong expertise in large scale distributed system designs

  • Demonstrated experience in upleveling engineering best practices and creating technical efficiencies across teams

  • Capable of driving and delivering thin slices of end-to-end functionality on a regular cadence with data-driven feedback loops

  • Strong problem-solving skills; adaptable, proactive and willing to take ownership and deal with ambiguity

  • The ability to work in a highly collaborative environment

  • Strong customer empathy and a focus on quality

  • Ability to create consensus among passionate stakeholders in a dynamic, fast-paced environment through excellent verbal and written communication skills


About Our Team

  • We have a 90+ person engineering team
  • We work in small, cross-functional teams that include product managers, designers, and QA

  • We value continuous learning in our everyday work

  • We rely heavily on automated testing and CI (CircleCI)

  • We use agile development and lean startup principles and practices to deliver products

  • Our stack: Ruby on Rails, React, Heroku, Postgres, AWS, Swift, Android

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