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Senior iOS Developer



You’ll work closely with product managers, designers, and the rest of the engineering team to create elegant and interactive user experience on the iOS platform.


You will, therefore:

- Own and build features from the ground up.

- Work across the different layers of a native iOS app such as networking, persistence, and UI.

- Architect and implement reusable components; produce highly optimized code.

- Contribute to API design for mobile consumption.

- Use Object-Oriented and Protocol-Oriented approaches when designing code.

- Identify and solve challenges creatively, and keep the solutions simple.

- Provide a list of pros and cons to proposed solutions and use good judgment to make tradeoffs.

- Share your knowledge and experience, and help teammates grow.

You’re perfect for this role if you

- Love building things from scratch.

- Love finding creative solutions to problems.

- Find joy in designing simple, optimized, and robust code.

- See others’ perspectives and contribute to technical discussions.

- Thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment.

- You believe in learning new things and helping others succeed.


Skills and Qualifications:

- Hands-on experience in building and shipping apps from scratch. Built and submitted at least one native iOS app to the App Store.

- Have significant contributions to at least one app with millions of active users.

- Proficient in Swift and/or Objective-C.

- Proficient in working with native iOS frameworks.

- Good grasp of computer science fundamentals, such as data structures and algorithms.

- 8+ years of related experience and 5+ years of experience as project lead/core dev

- Comfortable with pair-programming and moving fast.

- A great communicator.


The following would be a significant plus:

- Experience working on an SDK.

- Experience building UI programmatically and using Interface Builder.

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