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Senior Android/SDK Developer



We are looking for inquisitive Android engineers to join our growing engineering team. You will collaborate with the product team, the UX/UI team, and the rest of the engineering org to build new features and improve existing features on our Android apps and SDKs.

You are expected to engage with the product team and partners to define the product and technical roadmap, work with backend teams to drive the API design for mobile consumption, and work across the different layers of a native Android app/SDK such as networking, data persistence, and UI.


You’re perfect for this role if you:
- Love building things from scratch.
- Love finding creative solutions to problems.
- Find joy in designing simple, optimized, and robust code.
- See others’ perspectives and contribute to technical discussions.

- Thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment.
- You believe in learning new things and helping others succeed.

Skills and Qualifications:

- 5+ years of experience working with Android framework.
- 5+ years of experience working with Java and some experience with Kotlin
- Expertise in Android lifecycle
- Experience working with SQL and database server
- Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills
- Good grasp of computer science fundamentals, such as data structures and algorithms

- Comfortable with pair-programming and moving fast
- Great at communication and teamwork

The following would also be a significant plus:
- Experience working with ExoPlayer or MediaPlayer
- Experience building apps/SDKs for Connected TV and other IoT devices​

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