Senior Software Engineer



We are seeking a software engineer to join our team and help with scaling and expanding our already successful product on its way to revolutionizing how organizations process their legal data and operate around it.



  • Design, implement, and deploy thoughtful RESTful APIs

  • Seamlessly incorporate the results of our data scientists research into our SAAS product

  • Leverage AWS to help ensure stability and scalability of a rapidly growing product

  • Work on a Scrum team in a collaborative environment to build a high-value, enterprise-grade SAAS product

  • Use your past experience to help instrument the backend with application and performance metrics to gain better visibility on the system

  • Have a major impact in the professional growth and productivity levels of your teammates



  • 5+ years of experience in software development

  • Excellent knowledge of modern software engineering practices

  • Python, Node.js, Django (and any other language you may want to mention, the more you are familiar with the better)

  • Experience with building/maintaining distributed systems

  • Exposure to multiple programing paradigms (just OO is fine, FP even better)

  • Experience building and maintaining back-end application infrastructures

  • Experience with Git or other distributed version control systems

  • Familiarity with AWS or similar cloud computing platforms

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