Lead Full Stack Developer


Our client​ is building the software that keeps construction workers safe and helps companies avoid the expense & disruptions of workplace illness & injuries. Their clients love the simplicity and flexibility of our app. It works the way they want it to. In an industry that isn’t known for being overly tech-savvy, that has been a key to our success thus far.

We are looking to hire a Lead Full Stack Developer to join our client's team & focus on building the next major iteration of the product. Our web app is already used by thousands of construction workers each day and we’d like to create an even more delightful and engaging experience for them.


We’ve pioneered a set of web app technologies that includes a backend running WordPress, the world’s top CMS, including some of the most popular plugins of that ecosystem, an API layer using GraphQL, and a frontend powered by Gatsby/Apollo Client/React.

Ideal Candidate Profile

You should be a self-starter. A person who is self-motivated to learn and can take an idea and run independently. You are a thoughtful communicator and can engage effectively with both technical and non-technical people. Even if you’re not naturally blessed with organizational skills, you’ve developed an effective system that allows you to achieve maximum productivity.

You’re prolific and passionate when it comes to coding and you’ve been contributing to the open source communities of some or all of the technologies listed above. You can lead by example and have a strong desire to help your teammates or direct reports succeed. Overall we want you to be a nice person that we’d love working with.

What You’ll Be Doing

The bulk of the work you’ll be doing will involve our backend and API layer but you’ll also be asked to engage in some frontend development as well. You’ll be involved in the creation of features from start to finish including requirements gathering, coding, testing, and integration. You’ll perform code reviews of others' work and provide feedback. You’ll report directly to the CEO. This position should progress into a Chief Technical/Product Officer role.


  • ●  At least 4 Years of experience coding for PHP/WordPress

  • ●  Led or contributed to at least one project involving GraphQL/Apollo or ideally a

    WPGraphQL headless implementation

  • ●  Strong understanding of the WordPress MYSQL database structure

  • ●  Advanced React.JS skills

  • ●  Have an overall understanding of {server, client}-side performance, and how to

    measure and optimize it

  • ●  Ability to write {some unit, but mostly integration} test

  • Compensation & Benefits

    A remote company since its inception so you’ll be able to work from anywhere you like in North America. In addition to a salary commensurate with experience, we will offer an equity grant. All our employees benefit from unlimited vacation days, educational reimbursement, flexible hours and more.

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