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Fullstack Developer



You’ll work closely with product managers, designers, and the rest of the engineering team to build elegant and scalable product experience across multiple platforms.


You will, therefore:

- Design new API's to be used in our core products

- Debug issues across entire stack, using tools like Sentry & AppSignal

- Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes

- Review code by your peers on GitHub, offering help and insight from your experience


You’re perfect for this role if you:

- Are a product-minded engineer, thinking outside of the box continuously improve our product

- Enjoy learning and teaching functional programming best practices

- Aim for simple, well documented code

- Evaluate technical tradeoffs to make the best decision for the business

- Are able to pair program with other team members

- Have strong communication skills and ability to explain your approach to all team members


Skills and Qualifications:

You will need to demonstrate:

Fluency with the following languages and technologies:

  • Elixir and/or Ruby on Rails

  • JavaScript and/or React


- At least 3+ years of experience as project lead/core developer

- Demonstrated track record of building and scaling products/platforms to millions of users


Experience with the following would also be a significant plus:

- Erlang

- Phoenix

- PostgreSQL

- Redis

- Next.js

- Google AMP - Redux

- Cypress/Jest

- AWS Lambda

- Elasticsearch

- CircleCI

- ImageMagick 

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