Frontend Developer


Role Summary:

We seek Frontend Engineers with experience designing, delivering, and maintaining compelling software-driven experiences. We believe that great software engineers are versatile generalists and are defined more by their actions and judgment than the specific technologies they know.

What you will be doing:

  • Owning delivery end-to-end and releasing without drama

  • Treating team success as personal success

  • Curiosity and translating learning into systematic improvement

  • Thinking clearly and communicating effectively

  • Using the right tool for the job, especially open source 

What we are looking for:

  • You had the opportunity to be responsible for the end-to-end of a front-end stack, including deployments and configuration management, ideally for 5+ years

  • You know your way around JavaScript frameworks and RESTful resource implementation

  • You have experience working closely and effectively communicating with Product Managers and Designers

  • You have been intrigued by recently popular JS-app frameworks

  • You think that culture is something that you build, not just a buzzword

We hope you will join us in building software using:

  • HTML5, CSS, Sass

  • JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS and Redux)

  • Proficiency with ES6

  • Build tools (Gulp, NPM, Webpack)

  • Testing tools (Jest, Mocha)

  • Node.js (Express), and GraphQL for gateway services

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