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February 8, 2020

Weekly Round Up - Feb 2-8 2020

Welcome to the Weekly Round Up, where we summarize all of the interesting news and trends from the world of technology employment and recruitment.

Google tripling Canadian workforce 

Google announced they will be expanding their Canadian operations with new offices in Toronto, Montreal and Waterloo.  This is great news for Android developers, architects and tech talent in general.  Companies starving for tech talent will have to compete with Google now, which is great news for job seekers, but creates recruitment challenges for start-ups and lesser known companies.   

Google's expansion plans show why Canada's tech boom is here to stay



Tech talent demand remote work, comp, trust and transparency

The Dice 2020 Tech Salary Report, showed that the tech industry is still booming with historically low unemployment levels.  The biggest career concern is around "position or contract elimination." This is not surprising as many talented iOS & Android contractors, have found themselves abruptly without work when projects come to a screeching halt.  Thankfully the demand for tech talent is still at all time highs, so lack of work is typically short term.  


Key strategies for hiring technologists in 2020


Baltimore takes top spot for Women in Tech in the US

CNBC published this interesting article about the best US cities for women in tech.   The top 3 are Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Arlington, Virginia, all surprising as when you think of tech in the US, those are not the typical cities that come to mind.  

These are the 10 best cities for women in tech—and they don’t include New York City or San Francisco

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