Blockchain Developer

Toronto, Canada Remote

Blockchain Solidity Developer to build Ethereum Smart Contracts



- Our client is a marketing holdings company that is now building a startup in the blockchain sector to lead our next chapter. 

- We have a working product that is 100% decentralized and built on smart contracts and deployed directly on main net and we have a hybrid system where we have trustless apps plus management on the back end. 

- We are looking for developers whom are able to develop code and are competent in solidity, smart contract deployment, and front end integration to allow retail users to interact with the contract. As well as the ability to create a managed infrastructure for users to interact with APP.


Tasks & Deliverables:

- Help in developing more vaults & deploying more contracts as needed. 


Skills :

- Expert Blockchain developer 

- Experienced with Solidity, Ethereum & Ethereum Smart Contracts

- Experience with Python, JavaScript


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