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Solving complex technical problems starts with having the right technical people.  

DevTalent is a team of technical consultants in Toronto that builds software development and tech sales teams for fast-growing companies across North America. 

We’re technical people, helping companies recruit the best tech talent. Unlike other technical recruiting firms, our leadership is a 20 year software engineer with deep first-hand experience building some of the best software engineering and tech sales teams in the world.



Our Promise: Leadership That Translates to Success

Our promise to you is simple: with DevTalent, you gain more than a recruitment service; you gain a partner led by authentic engineering leadership.


A partner who understands the intricacies of technology, appreciates the dynamics of a fast-evolving industry, and is dedicated to propelling your company into a future shaped by technological excellence.

Talent Anchor

Authentic Engineering Leadership at DevTalent

The DevTalent Difference: Led by Experience, Driven by Passion

At DevTalent, we stand apart in the world of technical recruiting, thanks to our authentic leadership rooted in real-world engineering expertise. Our CEO, with an impressive 20-year journey in software engineering, embodies the essence of our approach - combining deep technical knowledge with a true passion for innovation.

A Leader Who Understands Your Needs

Our CEO’s extensive experience in software engineering isn't just a credential; it's the foundation of our approach to recruiting. Having been on the frontlines of technological evolution, they bring an insider's perspective to understanding both the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry. This experience translates into a profound ability to identify not just skilled professionals, but true innovators who can drive your projects forward.

Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Innovation

What sets DevTalent apart is not just our expertise, but our commitment to fostering a community where engineering talent meets visionary leadership. We don't just connect companies with candidates; we bridge the gap between raw talent and transformative innovation. Under our CEO's guidance, we ensure that each placement is not just a fit for today, but a step towards future advancements in technology.

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We're Technical People
Hiring Technical Talent

We help you understand and source the right people for the software engineering and tech sales roles you need to fill. Our technical recruiting teams have decades of experience vetting skills for technical roles.

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We Know The Canadian & Toronto Tech Market

We focus exclusively on recruiting for technical roles, with decades of experience recruiting software engineers and technical sales in Toronto, Vancouver, and major Canadian tech hubs for companies across North America.

Get More Value From
Your Dollars

Tech hubs like Toronto and Vancouver have a wealth of tech talent. Engineers and salespeople have comparable skills to counterparts in NYC and the Bay Area, with a similar or lower cost to hire. We know how to find them.

Reduce Rejections In
Your Hiring Funnel

Our recruiting strategies surface the

top tech talent with the requisite skills you need, so you only speak to the most qualified candidates.

We Have The Right Partners 

As top Toronto tech recruiters, we’ve built relationships with Employer of Record and PEO partners that can ease your entrance into the Canadian market.


Backend Developers

Cloud Architects/Engineers

Data Engineers/Scientists

DevOps Engineers

Engineering Leadership

Frontend Developers

Full Stack Developers

Machine Learning Engineers

Mobile Developers

Product Managers

QA Engineers

Site Reliability Engineers

Software Architects

UI/UX Designers

Hire FulL-Time

Scale your team with the top full-time software engineering talent. 

Hire Contract

Hire top software engineering contractors to augment your team.



Borderless Logo PNG_edited.png

DevTalent and Borderless have announced a unique partnership that combines two complementary services: Remote Engineering Recruiting and Global Payroll. The combination  transforms how businesses recruit and pay their international talent. The partnership will allow startups, SMBs, and Enterprises to use DevTalent for not only finding engineering talent, but also seamlessly and compliantly pay their international workforce.


Account Executives

Business Development Representatives

Sales Development Representatives

Technical Account Managers

Sales / Solutions Engineers

Sales Managers

Sales Directors

VP Sales


Scale Smarter & Faster

If you’re searching for a technical recruiter that can help you scale your engineering team intelligently, you’re in the right place. DevTalent has helped fill hundreds of technical roles and grow high performance teams.

“They’re probably one of the best partners that I worked with in my career at the company. They’ve been more than just a company that finds talents for us. They’ve been an adviser and a sounding board. “

Global Head of Business & People Operations, 
Video & Live Streaming Platform 


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Map your current role domain expertise and interests to your desired career path. 


Get feedback on your technical assessment and interview process from engineering leaders.


Accelerate your career and technical skills with amazing projects and companies.



AI & Machine Learning



Business Intelligence

Data Engineering











Product Management



React Native

Relational Database 


Ruby on Rails






We help companies across North America recruit, build, and scale dev and sales teams. Scale smarter with DevTalent. 

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